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Although business activities are strongly linked to the German chemistry branch and life sciences, international customers may consider ChemLogis Dr. Pietrzik a valuable partner to build up business relationships in Germany. Strong networking practice combined with up-to-date expertise in modern chemical synthesis are key features of the all day work, including profound knowledge in fields like medicinal chemistry, glycochemistry, peptide synthesis and hazardous practices like azidation, nitration or carbonic acid chlorides.

The following services are offered by ChemLogis Dr. Pietrzik:

  • Project management and implementation of innovativ chemical ventures, networking

  • Designing state-of-the-art synthetic strategies, economic and chemical assessment of processes, "chemist on demand" to support your team in times of short resources

  • Writing and translation of safety data sheets (SDS and eSDS), regulatory issues

  • Editorial reports on scientific publications, scientific reading

  • Literature research and analysis, investigating special topics as fields of exploration (FoE) to support customer IP generation

  • On demand interpration of spectroscopic findings i.e. NMR service

  • Coaching in selected chemical topics according to prior agreement

Further Informationen on request.

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