Dr. Pietrzik

Proceeding - in case of interest

Below-mentioned features distinguish common business practice of ChemLogis Dr. Pietrzik. If not stated otherwise it shall be considered the general approach:

  • Any services are conducted on a contractual basis, i.e. consultancy contracts. Templates will be provided by ChemLogis Dr. Pietrzik.

  • Custom-built products like SDS have to be commissioned in written form upon quotation. A separate contract is not intended in a particular case.

  • Prior to any exchange of information on project contents a mutual confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement shall be signed. Templates will be provided by ChemLogis Dr. Pietrzik.

  • Any contracts and agreements shall be adapted to the individual needs of the specific project or customer. Issues of privacy protection will be regulated therein in detail.

  • Fees for performed services or products are calculated due to an hourly rate. If desired work schedules are submitted to the customer combined with the invoice.

  • Total invoiced values are payable seven days upon receipt of an invoice.

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